When the passion for the sea meets the excellence of design and technology, elegant and exclusive boats are born: perfect balance of style, comfort, performance and functionality, to offer the highest quality of navigation and life on board.

In line with the best Italian tradition, Mylius realizes few yachts per year, in a semi-custom way, with an unique style, the best materials and technologies, the craftsmanship of the past and a relentless pursuit of the best quality.

Everything is designed internally, in a company part of a solid industrial group, led and managed by its partners with a great attention to all human relationships.

That’s why Mylius are today among the most successful fast cruiser-racers in the world, in the range between 50′ and 80′.


Since 15 years, we realize exclusive and innovative yachts, born from the passion and competence of people who have always loved, known and lived the sea.

The company’s headquarters is in Podenzano, near Piacenza (Italy), where all directional, design, carpentry and fitting activities take place. The new headquarters, inaugurated in March 2015, consists of an area of over 17,000 square meters with six production and two office buildings, plus a private heliport.

The lamination’s activities take place in Poland, in a structure of about 10,000 sq.m. with about 40 people, in partnership with Rega Yacht, highly specialized in composite construction, with an experience of almost 100 boats.

The launching and after-sales activities take place at the partner sites of Gaeta and Cala de’ Medici, or even elsewhere, according to the owners’ needs.

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Mylius designs and manufactures fast cruiser-racer, which let you navigate and live aboard as well as possible, because they are:

designed entirely in house, with a unique and distinctive style, “without excesses”. Modern, Italian, exclusive, essential, elegant;

built with carbon fiber and all best materials, equipments and systems, with great care of every detail;

semi-custom, because every boat is designed on the needs and desires of its owner – even if built in small series, to optimize time and costs;

fast, amusing and entertaining, whether cruising or racing, with any conditions and crew, to sail even when other boats have to use the engine;

comfortable, safe and comfortable, easy to sail but also to manage and maintain, with complete but not too sophisticated facilities and amenities.

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More than of carbon and resin, our boats are made of the work of all our people. Only passion, professionalism, diversity, curiosity and creativity of all allow us to realize our boats, as beautiful and interesting as our work.

Obviously the work and the talent of the individuals are key, but even more what counts is the ability to work as a team: “With the talent you win games, only but with teamwork and intelligence you win championships.” (Michael Jordan).

Our championships are our shipowners: the first objective of everybody, from the President to the designers up to all workers, is to listen, interpret and implement all needs and wishes of our owners, with whom we share all phases of design, construction, fitting out and launching of boats.


Mylius was born in 2003 from a dream and love for sailing of three friends who, after sailing from a young age and having had several professional experiences, decided to create an innovative shipyard able to reflect their way of living and loving the sea. In 2004 the first Mylius 11E25 was launched, a model with important innovations such as the large sundeck area aft, solution then often imitated. In 2007 it was the turn of the Mylius 14E55, also winner of two Italian championships ORC Int’l, which was followed in 2011 by the Mylius 19E95, winner of the Nautical Design Award.

Since the end of 2011 Mylius is owned at 51% by Twinpack Group, world leader in the packaging industry, allowing them to combine the shipyard experience and the design excellence, with a strong industrial and financial base, to respond more effectively to the new technological and production challenges. Since 2015, the shipyard is in a new production site, where all new yachts are being designed and produced.

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In this section you will find the press articles and press releases regarding our new launches and activities, as well as the advertising pages that have helped make Mylius one of the most prestigious brands on the market.


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