Mylius 65 fd03 Flush-Deck--barca-a-vela-poppa
Mylius-65 foot yacht- Flush Deck-barca a vela scafo varo
Mylius 65' Daito interni owner cabin
Mylius 65 FD 03 Flush Deck Layout 1
Mylius 65 FD 03 Flush Deck Layout


The third Mylius 65 ‘Flush Deck in production at the shipyard in Piacenza .

This 65 foot yacht is not characterized only by the gray color of the hull and the deckhouse. Compared to the other two FD already sailing, it has got different solutions both in the interiors layout and on deck where the mainsail’s column has been replaced with a linedriver increasing this way the availability of free space on the deck.

Going inside the aft area and the right side of the dinette are like in the two previous boats produced: two twin cabins for guests; chart area and a large “L” shaped sofa with a dining table. A peculiarity of this boat is definitely the galley countertop that cover the left side of the dinette and which is accosted at aft to a second cabinet to hold the refrigerator, the washer dryer and a service locker. Compared to the standard layout, this solution has allowed to increase the space lockers, the refrigerators size and to insert an additional domestic appliance. Also the owner’s area has been redesigned: the hallway is asymmetrical with respect to the boat so, thanks to that, a second wardrobe along the entire length of the right aislehas been added, then to optimize the spaces, the areas dedicated to the toilet and the shower have been mirrored.


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