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Daguet2 Volie Saint-Tropez
Daguet2 Le voile de Saint-Tropez 2017


Designed for an experienced French racer, has been launched in July 2016. After a first year racing and cruising in the Med, in September 2017 finished second in IRC B class at Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez,  only two points from the first one.

The dinette has two sofas with a table on the right; the kitchen has a dishwasher, sink under the stair and vertical fridge. The owner’s cabin has two reclinable beds, with en-suite in the bow, while the guest cabins have two separate beds that can be joined. The sail locker is equipped with a cot.

The deck, covered in flexiteak, is equipped with racing winches. The sail plan, with EC6+ carbon rigging, includes a double backstay for square-top mainsail, lock on halyards, inner forestay and running backstay.



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