Barcolana 2018

Yesterday, Trieste Hosted once again the European biggest regatta and sea lovers celebration par excellence: the Barcolana.

As expected, the 50th was a guinnes World record edition: with 2688 boat on the entry list it has became the most partecipated regatta in the world. Given the importance of the celebration, the Italian Navy’s icon the Amerigo Vespucci was moored in San Giusto dock and signed as participant n°2689.

Furio and Gabriele Benussi with their “Spirit of Portopiccolo” have esteblished other records: winning the regatta twice in a row and racing the fastest Barcolana, completing it in 57′ 04”.

Between the almost 2700 boat there was also the Mylius 76 FD “e_vai” who ended 15th overall, 6th in cruising class.