Concerto natale Montecarlo Comites

Montecarlo Christmas Party

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays we will be guests of the – Principato di Monaco for the traditional event hosted for the Principality and for the whole Italian community resident. On Saturday 8th December on the stage of the Rainier III Auditorium the Maestro Andrea Morricone, son of the two-time Oscar winner Ennio, will conduct the great “Ensemble Artemisia” orchestra performing the music taken from the soundtracks of Ennio and Andrea Morricone and the most famous Italian films. Italian and Monegasque authorities will be guest at the Christmas party  hosted by Ezio Greggio, President of the Comites of the Principality of Monaco.

The Mylius 80′ “Twin Soul B” flagship of our shipyard is going to be moored in the port of Montecarlo throughout the Holiday season 2018.

Read here the program of the event