Mylius Cup 2018

The Mylius Cup was back in Capri from May 16th to 19th. Mylius has confirmed their collaboration with the prestigious Rolex Capri Sailing Week 2018, giving thereby their owners the chance to race again in the Capri Gulf.

Given the boat and the crews that signed up, it was apparent that the Mylius Cup 2018 was going to be an enthralling experience.

Two Mylius 65′ FD raced one against the other for the first time: “Oscar3” winner of the 2017 edition, seasoned by his experience at last Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in Porto Cervo, and “Magic Rocket” which recently launched. On the entry list was also the Mylius 76’ FD “E_vai” and the Mylius 50’ “Ars Una” which gained great results in 2017 regattas: the first in the “Barcolana,” while the second in the famous Fastnet Rolex Race. The Mylius 60’ “Fra Diavolo” also returned to race after the unlucky experience in the Middle Sea Race.

Taking into account its recent launch (just a week before the regattas) the Capri sea also served as the testing site of the new Mylius 80′.

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Day 1

Day 2

Sud Mylius Cup 2018 Rolex Capri Sailing week day2

Day 3

Fra Diavolo Mylius Cup 2018 Rolex Capri Sailing Week day3

On the Quay


PREMIAZIONE Mylius Cup 2018 Rolex Capri Sailing Week 3

Mylius Evening

Serata Mylius Cup 2018 Capri hotel la palma 7

Twin Soul B

Magic Rocket



Ars Una

Fra’ Diavolo