Our sailing boats are a labour of love

Our sailing boats are a labor of love

More than just carbon and resin, our boats are made of the work of all our people. Only everyone’s passion, professionalism, diversity, curiosity, and creativity allow us to craft boats as beautiful and interesting as ours.

Obviously, individual work ethic and skills are essential, but the ability to work as a team is even more crucial: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” (Michael Jordan).

Our shipowners are our championships: from the President to the designers to all workers, everybody’s aim is to listen, interpret and fulfill all the needs and wishes of our owners, with whom we share all the phases of design, construction, outfitting, and launching.




Luciano Gandini’s eyes sparkle when he talks about the Mylius 19E95. He tenderly calls it “our” boat, since “we” is a constant state of mind for this dynamic entrepreneur.

To exemplify his entrepreneurial acumen, he had the idea for self-adhesive handles on the six-pack bottles of mineral-water; these are now applied by machines that his company – TwinPack – designs and builds.

What are Mr. Gandini’s passions? His work, as seen by TwinPack’s and Mylius’ success, as well as sailing. He likes to remind himself: “Since I was a boy, in the Idroscalo in Milan or in Lake Garda, any boat was fine!” Every boat’s name? “Twin Soul”.

The Gandini Racing Team have been always full of champions, from Paolo Cian to Francesco de Angelis. His latest idea: “Merging a young shipyard with an industrial group to reset the design and production methods.” The result? By the end of 2011, 51% of Mylius Yachts was owned by Twin Pack, with Luciano Gandini as President.

Here’s his personal approach to his business and strategy: “A great exchange of information between the construction site and packaging company, with engineers of the two companies that talk and discuss every day. Therefore, production processes and systems are built with the same high industrial standards. A constant exchange. With my entrepreneurial mindset, I could not have done otherwise.”

Alberto Simeone chief designer


Head of Design and Engineering & Technical Manager

Architect, yacht designer, and seaman. In 2003, together with other two friends, Alberto became one of the founders of Mylius. A generalist and versatile by both nature and training, he followed his father’s footsteps as he enhanced the components of yacht design, technology, and construction techniques. He worked in his father’s studio and Simeone’s shipyard, both of which were famous in the boat industry in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Now he coordinates engineers, architects, designers, and technical specialists, which comprises the technical staff of Mylius. Everyone has the aim to achieve high performance in comfortable sailing yachts; Alberto is firmly pursuing the idea of a full integrated design between all the components that contribute to its creation, while looking for the perfect balance through linearity and simplicity of the concepts. He strives to remove redundant elements, both in the interiors and in the outer parts.

An expert sailor and racer, he  personally verifies the results of his design choices in an ongoing process of feedback between the sea and the drawing board.

Mauro Montefusco


Head of Production Team

Mauro Montefusco: Neapolitan, he has experience in many years of racing and offshore sailing. He is an athlete, coach, captain, team manager, and one of the founding members of Mylius.

Always a sea lover, he has chosen to make a profession of his passion. He is a teacher trainer FIV, and when cruising he delights his guests with the product of his passion for seafood.

Mauro is the officer in charge of the entire production and the design of all systems and equipment on board each Mylius.

Team Sales & Marketing

Valentina Gandini: Sales and Marketing Department

Born in Piacenza, this passionate sailor and racer comes from the TwinPack Group, where she has worked in the Commercial Area for years. She has been with Mylius since 2012.

Sara Callegari: Purchasing Department

She has been with Mylius since 2013, after a long experience in the TwinPack marketing division. She now facilitates the relationships with our suppliers working in the purchasing department.

Mario Sassi: After Sales

A several-time Italian sailing champion in the ’80s, he has had several managerial, consulting, and entrepreneurial experiences. He was a founding partner of Mylius, and is now responsible of the company after sales service.

Federica Canesi: Marketing Office

Born in Piacenza, she graduated with a degree communications. She came to Mylius to coordinate relationships with journalists and to organize external events.

Ufficio tecnico

Technical Office

Fabio Simeone. Since graduating in Naval and Mechanical Engineering with a PhD at the Federico II University of Naples, he has always worked on structural analysis and design. Beginning with the earliest models, he has consistently collaborated on Mylius’s yacht design.

Manuel Pattarini. After graduating in Industrial Design at the Politecnico of Milan, he decided to turn his passion for the sea into a job, moving to La Spezia for the course of Naval and Nautical design. He arrived at Mylius as soon as it was transferred to Piacenza in 2012.

Annalisa Di Nucci. After graduating from a Interior Architecture and Furniture program in Rome, she has taken care of our boats’ interiors since 2014. She was born in the Gulf of Gaeta and grew up in her family carpentry business where she learned the craft’s secrets.

Jacopo Kuhar. With Dalmatian origins, he is a sail expert and sea lover, with a Degree in Marine Engineering. His adventure in Mylius began in 2014 when he delivered a boat and soon after became soon member of the design team.

Lucio De Rubertis. He graduated in Nautical Engineering, and has worked for Mylius since 2015. He was born and raised on the island of Procida, in the Gulf of Naples, where he cultivated his first interest for sailing.

Silvia Sacchi. After graduating in Interior Design at the Milan’s Politecnico, she discovered her passion for boats. She then graduated in Naval and Nautical Design and came in Mylius in 2015. A tireless traveler, she loves the sea, the mountains, dancing and motorbiking.

Produzione yacht

Production Team

Massimo Madonini: Joinery Manager

A very experienced marine carpenter from his work in many shipyards, he has been with Mylius since 2016. Massimo also works with Silis Gaspar, Cruz Llaza, and Massimo Manni.

Emanuele Mariani: Head Electrician

In charge of the Electrical Department in Twinpack since 2010, he has designed and overseen all electrical systems of Mylius since 2012. Emanuele also works with Carlo Ferrazzi and Luca Zucchini.


For the interior design of the new 65′ FD, Mylius worked with the architect Aldo Parisotto of the “Parisotto Formenton + Architects” Design Studio.

For the design of systems and various mechanical details, Mylius can exploit the experience of the Twinpack group, a consolidated industrial packaging company, world leader in handle application machines.

For the yachts’ electronics, Mylius is partner of B&G, a world leader in marine instruments, autopilot systems, and tactical software solutions for race boats, sail boats, blue water cruisers and superyachts.

For yacht inspection and certification, Mylius can exploit QI Composites’s specialists, the world leader in non-destructive analysis of composite materials. The activities are carried out both during the construction and the after-sales

Thanks to the partnership with Mastervolt Italia, leader in the Italian marine power electronics market, all Mylius Yachts are equipped with the most advanced systems and in particular with the digital distribution systems, managed via Ethernet and NMEA 2000 network.