Semi-custom fast cruiser racers

Mylius designs and builds fast cruising yachts that are elegant and exclusive. They boast a perfect balance of style, comfort, performance and functionality in order to offer the best quality of both navigation and life on board.

They are cruising yachts, which are safe, comfortable, easy to sail and to manage, and all come with complete equipments and systems.

These fast and lightweight yachts are built and rigged entirely in carbon, making them enjoyable in all conditions and with small crews.

They are semi-custom yachts, designed and built by Mylius, reflecting the owner’s wishes, with a unique style, master craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of the best quality.

Mylius Yachts: semi-custom fast  cruisers racers



The success of a boat depends on its owner satisfaction, so our job is to give form and life to his or her wishes.

Our owners do not have to choose between fixed options, but may participate in all of the design and technical choices of their boat, which is then designed and built just for them – of course, with the unique and distinctive Mylius style: modern, Italian, exclusive, sophisticated and elegant.

Despite this high degree of customization, utilizing existing components within the production process allows for Mylius to reduce time and costs compared to pure custom boats.



The stiff, light, and fully-carbon construction, the high ratio of sail area and displacement, the high righting moment, the long waterline length compared to the overall length, and the wide beam, especially in the aft sections, allow for the best sailing performance in terms of speed and stability, safety and ease of handling, and also the benefits of the larger internal volumes.

fast cruiser


Despite being carbon-built and rigged, Mylius Yachts are still cruising yachts.

They provide the owner and his guests with all the comforts that are now considered standard: not only large stowage capacity, ergonomics, and high quality of all surfaces, but also air conditioning, refrigeration, large energy autonomy, and reduced noise.

Great attention is put on safety, as Mylius yachts feature higher structural coefficients than required by regulations, oversized deck equipment, fore and aft watertight bulkheads, crash box in the bow, and the steering bearing in a watertight compartment.

Furthermore, the light displacement obtained with a full carbon construction and rig provides several advantages, especially for a cruising usage: higher daily mileage, possibility to sail when heavier yachts are forced to motor (e.g. with light winds or close-hauled), lower loads on the engine, rig and deck equipments, better ease of use (especially with a small crew), minor roll and pitch both when sailing or at anchor.

Fast Cruiser Racer


While still being cruising yachts, Mylius Yachts have always achieved winning results in regattas, as a further proof of their ability to sail in hard conditions and “at the limit.” Among the many results, let’s remember:

the Mylius 14E55 “Fra Diavolo” (then Milù) Italian ORC Champion 2009 and 2010 and winner of the UVAI Trophy for the best owner-driver in 2010 and 2015

the Mylius 50’ “Ars Una” Italian ORC Champion 2016 and 11th overall (6th in IRC 1) at the Fastnet 2017

the Mylius 50’ “Daguet2” second in class IRC B at “Les Voiles de Saint Tropez” 2017

the Mylius 76’ “e-vai” winner in Cruising Class (and sixth overall) at the Barcolana 2017

The Mylius 80FD “Twin Soul B” winner in ORC class A at “Les Voiles de Saint Tropez” in 2019