Creating exclusive and innovative boats

Since 15 years, we realize exclusive and innovative yachts, born from the passion and competence of people who have always loved, known and lived the sea.

The company’s headquarters is in Podenzano, near Piacenza (Italy), where all directional, design, carpentry and fitting activities take place. The new headquarters, inaugurated in March 2015, consists of an area of over 17,000 square meters with six production and two office buildings, plus a private heliport.

The lamination’s activities take place in Poland, in a structure of about 10,000 sq.m. with about 40 people, in partnership with Rega Yacht, highly specialized in composite construction, with an experience of almost 100 boats.

The launching and after-sales activities take place at the partner sites of Gaeta and Cala de’ Medici, or even elsewhere, according to the owners’ needs.



Every Mylius Yacht is individually designed for her owners, to find the best solutions to his needs.

Mylius is one of the very few shipyards to carry out internally all the design phases, in a fully integrated way: from the concept to the naval architecture, from the interiors to all systems, from the structures to the deck plans, down to every single detail, covering or accessory, working in partnership with our main suppliers (all leaders in their field).

Having the whole design “at home” exponentially increases the interactions between the various specialists (as well as the productive part),to reduce the margins between the different design requirements (eg. structure, systems and interiors) and achieve the most balanced possible outcome. That’s why Mylius Yachts have a truly unique style: Italian, distinctive, contemporary, sophisticated and elegant, but without excesses.

Costruzione Yachts di lusso


The light and stiff construction, fully in carbon, puts the Mylius among the best series cruising yachts in the world, as far as quality, performance and safety are concerned – because a fast and stiff yacht is safer than a heavy and slow one.

Hull, deck, ribs, bulkheads and chain plates are completely built in sandwich of carbon fibres and PVC core, with solid lamination in the areas of keel, rudder and engine. All construction phases are executed in epoxy matrix, with vacuum-bag and post-cure techniques.

The structural analysis is based on ISO 12215 rule, integrated with finite element method (FEM) calculations. The lamination of hull and structures is checked at various stages through NDT ultrasonic checks made by QI Composites.

Also the interiors are partially based on the structural elements, thus contributing to the stiffness and lightness of the boat.

Sail plan Oscar3


The deck and sail plans of the Mylius yachts are designed to provide the owners and crews with the best performance, safety and ease of handling, for cruising or racing, with any conditions and crews.

The Mylius deck plans offer the best pleasure of open-air living, with a liveableness in line with much bigger boats. The deck equipments, of the best quality, are chosen with the owner, based on the main use of the boat. A special attention is also paid during the selection of teak.

The fractional sail plan, with carbon rig, swept back acquartieriate and wide-based spreaders, without running, include a large mainsail and self-tacking or low-overlapping jibs, to simplify manoeuvring and improve efficiency upwind; large asymmetric sails can be set on the fixed bowsprit for downwind or light winds sailing.

Costruzione interni yacht


The elegant, modern and cosy interiors, fully custom, are designed to provide a fair number of guests with the best comfort and exploit any spaces for the best liveability, in spite of the sporty hulls, designed for the best performances.

From a structural standpoint, they are mostly based on the structural elements, thus contributing to the stiffness and lightness of the boat. The furniture, with a contemporary and streamlined design, convey an unexpected sense of heat due to a careful choice of materials, where the lacquered surfaces and “carbon-look” items are combined with precious woods and fabrics

Great care is taken in every detail, from the selection of the best woods and essences, to the design and implementation of each element, until the finishing and installation on board.For example, all wood elements are made to the highest marine standards, using lightweight composite panels (RINA approved) with both lath in Albasia and skins in Okumè plywood (several suitable plants).

Impianto elettrico yacht di lusso


Systems are a key component of every boat and especially critical for those who, like us, make fast cruising sailboat, which must offer all the comfort and reliability, but with great attention to weight. Hence our great care for all the systems from the design phase, e.g. the “energy balance” of the boat, to the choice of all the components and materials.

The electrical main system is based on the Mastervolt “C-Zone” system which, through an ethernet and NMEA 2000 network, allows the control of  all the systems of the boat from either the “touch-screen” PC at the navigation table or a remote connection, with important benefits of flexibility, usability and weight.

As far as the navigation systems and software are concerned, we are partner of B&G, world leader of these systems for racing or cruising yachts, of any dimensions.